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Mentoring To Help You Set Up, Sell Out & Scale Your Retreat

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Have you been Dreaming of Running Your Own Retreat?

But haven’t known where to start? Perhaps you’ve lacked the confidence, worry about making costly mistakes to your business and brand, and don’t understand the legalities, processes and timelines?

If you want to avoid the pitfalls, fast track your way to success and profitability and finally, set up, sell out and scale your retreats, Retreat Expert Mentoring is perfect for you.

It’ll give you the step by step strategies to achieve the freedom, flexibility and increased income you deserve – plus the opportunity to build your brand profile and share your gifts with more people.

We’ve been running retreats for over 10 years, in multiple locations, with multiple different set ups and models, so we REALLY know what we’re talking about. We’ve consulted on other retreats and run partnerships with brands. We’ve also won multiple awards and press accolades and have thousands of satisfied and happy clients to our name.

This means we have a wealth of practical business experience, as well as hands on retreat experience and we’re making all this knowledge available to you so you can finally make your dream to run hugely successful and profitable retreats a reality.


Did you know the wellness industry is booming and the demand for in person retreats is increasing day by day.

Over the past two years, people have reevaluated what's important and their mental, physical and emotional health has become a priority.

The world needs what you have. It's time for you to share your gifts and create the freedom, flexibility and adundance you deserve.

So if you're sick of sitting on the sidelines & you're excited to set up, sell out and scale your retreats business....
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From the first meeting with Claire and James in Marbella my husband and I felt encouraged and enthused by their commitment to us and our programme. Both very professional, super friendly and each one of us felt looked after and supported. What an AMAZING weekend and I can’t wait to work with them both again. THANK YOU!.
James and Claire have an inspiring level of energy. Their focus is finding what works for you as an individual, and (crucially) what will result in sustainable and happy results for you personally. They tailor their approach to you individually. They’re so good at it that you don’t even realise that they’re pushing you beyond your limits to reach your best! Highly recommended.
Where do I begin... As soon as I met James and Claire, the owners of 38DegreesNorth, I felt a connection immediately! An incredibly friendly, non judgemental couple who were engaged in my story from the very beginning. It was clear to me they wanted to push and stretch me to do and feel things outside my comfort zone and that’s where the magic happened!

The Retreat Expert Mentoring Programme will...

Help you avoid making costly mistakes – financially and to your brand.

Prevent you wasting time, energy and money on things that don’t work, so you can fast track your way to setting up, selling out and scaling your retreats.

Give you the blueprint, strategies and tools to smoothly project manage your retreats business, within budget and on time.

Provide clarity on the legalities and safety elements of running a retreat, so you feel secure in the knowledge you’ve got everything buttoned up and covered.

Give you confidence and clarity on how to stand out from the crowd, so filling your retreats becomes easier and easier.

Offer you the opportunity to connect with like minded people who are on a similar journey, leading to beneficial collaborations and partnerships.

Ensure you have the accountability and support of two leading experts, who have been there and done that – so can authentically advise you on the best way to create abundance, freedom and flexibility.

Over A Decade Of International Experience

Multiple venues, multiple formats, multiple locations.

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Awards & Press

International press, eight awards & very happy clients

Real World Business Knowledge

Hands on experience of setting up, selling out & scaling retreats.


A clear roadmap to success and profitabilty

It's time to share your gifts with more people

Your Mentors & Teachers

About Claire & James Davis

James and Claire are the owners of multi-award winning retreat company 38 Degrees North and they’ve been running retreats since 2011.

They’ve partnered with leading hotel in the UK, Ibiza and Marbella, run pop-up events, virtual retreats, and brand partnership retreats.

They’ve run retreats on private hire estates, consulted to other retreat owners and work with corporates on well being events.

James and Claire both come from corporate backgrounds, are coaches, and also run the successful coaching company The Midlife Mentors.

On this course they share their extensive business and retreat knowledge to help you avoid making costly mistakes, fast track your success and empower you with the tools to sell out, set up and scale your retreats.


What We'll Cover

Suggested Mentoring Topics


Getting clear on your gifts, values, philosophy and niche.


Building the retreat project plan, timelines and budget.


The Experience

The details of the retreat experience.

Legals & Safety

Getting the important stuff right so you’re covered and confident.

Marketing & Metrics

Setting yourself apart in the marketplace.

Hosting & Holding Space

Being the visionary retreat leader your guests need and deserve.

Difficult Scenarios

Being prepared with how to deal with complex issues.

Aftercare & Next Steps

Ensure your guests recommend you and return years after year.


James and Claire are very professional, experienced, lovely people who care about teaching you what they know, building your confidence and, like parents, send you out into the world with new motivation and a life plan on staying healthy. Thank you
James and Claire were fantastic coaches. Their programme is well-researched, I was impressed with the way that James and Claire supported and motivated each client individually, and seemed to intuitively know how to get the best out of us all! I would thoroughly recommend .
James and Claire have an uncanny knack of tuning into us individually and made sure that we each came away having achieved our personal best – whatever that might be! Their pragmatic and supportive approach was spot on.

Set Up, Sell Out & Scale Your Retreat

We’ve done the hard work, made the mistakes, learned the lessons so you don’t have to. If you’re ready to gain freedom, flexibility and potentially build your retreats business to six figures, book a discovery call to find out more.